Audience: International + Domestic

Pi is a global media services specialist with 35 years experience in international markets. We use in-country research to support precise market planning strategy and KPI driven implementations. Our hallmark is stability in media pricing and currency rates. We use verified and proven media in every region.

We provide global media services. We understand the unique cultural, regulatory and social sensitivities in each market and we can help navigate these attributes. Our key staff have worked in various countries, within local media organisations.

Publisher’s Internationalé has strong financial credibility and internal control systems. We have written contracts and bank guarantees with the world’s leading media and provide full credit and flexible payment terms to local agencies and clients.



  • Budget Planning
  • Negotiation
  • Creative Service
  • Translations
  • Media Audit
  • Reporting


  • Press, Radio, Outdoor
  • Digital and Social Media
  • TV
  • Ethnic
  • In-flight
  • Events

Graphic Design

  • International
  • Digital
  • Ethnic
  • Chinese Social
  • Domestic
  • Premium/Luxury
Publisher's Internationalé

Australia, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Europe, South America and North America